17th annual Frosty Fun Run Event Information

When - December 2nd, 2023 at 9:30am 

Cost - $30  for event entry and long sleeve event day shirt. Shirts are no longer available the deadline to order those was before Thanksgiving. The cost without a shirt Is $20.

Registration - See a Girls Coach to Register for $20. 

Deadline - November 15 the online registration/t-shirt orders close. All entries after November 15 will be cash only and participants will not receive a t-shirt. 

 Location - Stevens High School Track

All proceeds go to Stevens Girls Athletics

Contact - Tracy Hesson at tracy.hesson@nisd.net

Congratulations to Area Qualifiers

Skyla Lovett - 200m DISTRICT CHAMPION and Meet Record 

Jada Tyler - 2nd in 100m  & 3rd in Long Jump

Carolina Vargas - 3rd in Shot Put

Elicia Meairs - Shot Put, WC 100 & WC 400 - Meet Record in 400

The Area Meet will take place in Laredo on Friday, April 21st


 Meet results for Friday, October 21 - CLICK HERE


2022-23 Falcon Athletics Paperwork Requirements


Every athlete needs:

·         Updated medical history form, completed on/after April 1, 2022 (must be completed on the NISD form)

·         Rankone online form, completed on/after May 2, 2022

o   “NISD Compliance Requirements”

·         Asthma Action Plan complete on/after April 1, 2022, if applicable


Incoming 9th and 11th grade, or a new athlete/student to the district needs:

·         Updated physical, dated on/after April 1, 2022 (See below)


Go to the following link/QR Code for the rankone online form.  If you need a copy of the NISD Physical & Medical History Form or an Asthma Action Plan Form, click here 



Physical locations:

·         Physician of choice / Primary Care Physician

·         Fastmed Urgent Care - Potranco Rd / Hunt Ln, near Burger Boy

·         Care Now Urgent Care - 10538 Potranco Rd, near Goodwill center



210-397-6512                   210-397-6511                   210-397-6510              210-397-6515

Follow us on Twitter @runstevensrun

Stevens Athletics Vision    

The Stevens Athletic Programs will develop all student-athletes through mind, body and spirited competitive competition utilizing the core values of Integrity, Perseverance, Responsibility, and Commitment.  Our goal is to develop young girls and boys into thriving adult women and men.

Stevens Athletics Definition of Success

The Stevens Athletic Program views success as a purposeful vision by all of our student-athletes that becomes a reality with a relentless pursuit of excellence through academic and athletic rigor.



Sierra Ramirez Regional Qualifier

Landon Blankenship Regional Qualifier


Lady Falcon CC Team             District Runners-up/ Regional Qualifiers

Sierra Ramirez                           Regional Qualifier

Julissa Farias                               Regional Qualifier


Lady Falcon CC Team             District Runners-up/ Regional Qualifiers

Sierra Ramirez                           Regional Qualifier

Daniel Campos                            Regional Qualifier


Lady Falcon CC Team             DISTRICT 28-6A CHAMPIONS / Regional Qualifiers

Julissa Farias                              DISTRICT CHAMPION/State Qualifier

Alana Blankenship                  Regional Qualifier


Lady Falcon CC Team            District Runners- up/4th at Regional/ STATE QUALIFYING TEAM (14th overall)

Elizabeth Alvarado                DISTRICT CHAMPION/ State Qualifier

 Julissa Farias                           Regional Qualifier


Lady Falcon CC Team            3rd at District / Regional Qualifier

Elizabeth Alvarado                DISTRICT CHAMPION / State Qualifier

Joe Pesina                                   Regional Qualifier

Christian Samarripa               Regional Qualifier


Falcon CC Team                       District Runners-up / Regional Qualifiers

Lady Falcon CC Team            District Runners-up / Regional Qualifiers


Lady Falcon CC Team            DISTRICT CHAMPIONS / Regional Qualifiers


Patrick Torres                           Regional Qualifier


Janae Lewis                                Regional Qualifier


Falcon CC Team                     Regional Qualifiers

Stephanie Lopez                    Regional Qualifier

 Tawnee Wimsatt                    Regional Qualifier


 Falcon CC Team                     Regional Qualifiers

 Jacob Benn                               REGIONAL CHAMPION / State Medalist (6th)

Tawnee Wimsatt                     Regional Qualifier


Jacob Benn                                 Regional Qualifier


 Jacob Benn                               Regional Qualifier



Elicia Meairs State Qualifier 400, 100 and Shot Put

Skyla Lovett DISTRICT CHAMPION & AREA CHAMPION/ Regional qual  200m

Jada Tyler Area Champion 100m 

Jada Tyler Regional Qualifier Long Jump

Carolina Vargas Regional Qualifier Shot Put


Elicia Meairs State Champion Wheelchair Shot Put

Elicia Meairs State Qualifier Wheelchair 400m and 100m

Nariah Lee Regional Qualifier Shot put

4x100 (K. Abernathy, S. Lovett, C. Perez, A. Turner) Area Qualifier

4x200 (K. Abernathy, S. Lovett, C. Perez, A. Turner) Area Qualifier


Elicia Meairs State Silver Medalists Wheelchair  Shot Put

Elicia Meairs State Qualifier Wheelchair 400m and 100m




4X200 Relay   (D. Glass,A. Holmes, T. Smith, A.Turner)     Area Qualifiers              


Julissa Farias                            DISTRICT CHAMPION & AREA CHAMPION/ Regional Qual         1600m

Julissa Farias                            Area Qualifier                                    3200m


Julissa Farias                            DISTRICT CHAMPION                          3200m

Julissa Farias                            DISTRICT CHAMPION                          1600m

Elizabeth Alvarado                    Regional Qualifier                             3200m

Elizabeth Alvarado                    Area Qualifier                                       1600m


Elizabeth Alvarado                   Regional Qualifier                             1600m


Elizabeth Alvarado                   Regional Qualifier                             1600m


Alasia Smith                             Regional Qualifier                             100m

Alasia Smith                             Regional Qualifier                             200m


Anja Martin                              DISTRICT CHAMPION                      800m

Anja Martin                              Regional Qualifier                              400m

Alasia Smith                             Regional Qualifier                              100m

Alasia Smith                             Regional Qualifier                               200m

Kirstin Barton                           Regional Qualifier                             3200m

Tyra Cloud                                Regional Qualifier                              Shot Put

 Joleesha Monroe                       Regional Qualifier                              Discus


Lady Falcon Track & Field        District Champions

Lady Falcon Track & Field        Regional Runner-Up Team  

Leilani Hill                                 Regional Qualifiers                                800m

4 X 200 M Relay  (K. Horton, B. Ponce, J. Rene, E. Allen)           District Champs / State Qualifiers

Kiana Horton                               District Champion                                200m

 Elexus Allen                                Regional Qualifier                                200m

4 X 400 M Relay  (K. Horton, B. Ponce, A. Martin, E. Allen)        District Champs/ Regional Champs State Qualifier

Elexus Allen                                 Regional Qualifier                                 High Jump

Samantha Turner                      District Champ/ Regional Champion / State Qualifier        Shot Put

Samantha Turner                      District Champ /  Regional Qualifier        Discus       


Kayla Hunt                                Regional Qualifier                                             100m

Kayla Hunt                                Regional Qualifier                                             200m

Kayla Hunt                                District Champion                                             Triple Jump              

 Samantha Turner                       District Champ/ Regional Champion / State Qualifier        Shot Put

 Samantha Turner                      District Champ/ Regional Champion / State Qualifier        Discus

Elexus Allen                             Regional Qualifier                                               400m

 4 X 100 M Relay   (K. Hunt, B. Ponce, Frey, E. Allen)                                  Regional Qualifier

 4 X 400 M Relay  (J. Lewis, A. Lewinson, B. Ponce, E. Allen)                  Regional Qualifier


 4 X 100 Relay       (K. Hunt, E. Allen, S. Scales, C. Miller)                               4th at Regionals

 4 X 200 Relay      (K. Hunt, E. Allen, K. Jackson, S. Scales)  2nd at Regions, State Qualifier

 Jacob Benn            District Champ, Regional Champ, State Qualifier (4th place)               3200

 Jacob Benn            District Champ, Regional Runner up, State Qualifier (4th place)         1600

Kayla Hunt                                District Champ                                           Triple Jump

Sonia Scales                              Regional Qualifier                                    200

Samantha Turner                      Regional Qualifier                                 Shot Put

Samantha Turner                      District Champion                                 Discus


 Courtney Miller                        State Qualifier                                           100

 Sonia Scales                             Regional Qualifier                                      400

Shardae Perryman                    Regional Qualifier                                   300 H

4 X 100 Relay   (S. Scales, K. Hunt, K. Jackson, C. Miller)            Regional Qualifiers   

4 X 400 Relay  ( S. Perryman, K. Jackson, K. Hunt. S. Scales         Regional Qualifiers

Diandra Gatian                        Regional Qualifier                                    High Jump

Samantha Turner                    Regional Qualifier                                     Shot Put

Samantha Turner                     Regional Qualifier                                    Discus

 Delilah Blanco                         Regional Qualifier                                    Pole Vault

 Jacob Benn                                Regional Qualifier                                     3200


 4 X 100    ( O. Jacobs, S. Scales, K. Hunt, C. Miller)            District Champs, Regional 3rd place

  Jeanie Buckner                        Regional Qualifier                                            100 H

  Jeanie Buckner                         Regional Qualifier                                            300 H

  Sonia Scales                            Regional Qualifier                                               400

  Courtney Miller                     District Champ, 3rd at Regionals                  200 


Nadirah Shakir                          2nd @ Regionals, 5th @ State                        Triple Jump

Courtney Miller                        Regional Qualifier                                                 400

 4 X 100         (N. Shakir, S. Scales, B, Paez, C. Miller)                              Regional Qualifier        

 4 X 400        (S. Scales, N. Shakir, B.Wilson, C. Miller)                           Regional Qualifier